March Events

March 2018 Thursday 1st – Shoe cake comedy


Friday 2nd – Keep it real with Jonathan Honor – Acoustic/Indie, Lew BYG – Rap/Grime, 90BRO – CyberSoul, Skitz – Rap, Bible Of Beatz – Rapper/Singer, FungiFerg – Grime/Rap


Saturday 3rd – Albany, Stand Alone, Carabiniers


Friday 9th – Soma Crew, Pink Tide, Oilbirds


Saturday 10th – Likkor Men, Kickback Generations & Alien 8


Friday 16th – Hardwick social, Drift, Undecided & Ex Charinbanc Dreams


Saturday 17th – Private Party


Friday 23rd – Dead River Kings, The Filth Hounds, Dino Splooge


Saturday 24th – Get Hip


Wednesday 28th – Private Event


Thursday 29th – Carl James Dunning, Steve McCormick, Alien 8 acoustic


Friday 30th – Ady Johnson, Badger, Witch Tripper


Saturday 31st – Stockton Calling

February Events

Thursday 1st – Shoe Cake Comedy,


Friday 2nd – Keep It Real – Bible Of Beatz – Rapper/Singer Victor Ray – Acoustic Singer FungiFerg – Rap/Grime DH – Grime


Saturday 3rd – Dog Years, David Rickaby, Nick


Friday 9th – Indigo Vertebrae, Skyran, The Auld Suitcase


Saturday 10th – Singapore Safe House, Bleeding Tooth, Perceptions


Friday 16th – Prelude, Victor Ray, Charlie Mckee


Saturday 17th – Photo Idiot, Dark Sky Park, Itch the king blues band, Electric Sheep


Thursday 22nd – Nephilim, A Dying Reign, Tbc


Friday 23rd – Clippah, Evil Eye, Katie Adamson, Max Bianco


Saturday 24th – The Grizwoldz, Lee Etherington, The Jackals

January Events

Friday 5th –  rap mixed styles, bibble beatz, led leddie mc, fungi ferg,pete henry, DJ set,


Sat 6th – giraffes, relign, raising romulus


Friday 12th – tooth, jake hope, no xcuse, roundel,


Sat 13th – cornerstone, nation In ruin, vulgar dissection,


Thursday 18th – cutty bang,


Friday 19th – plastic thieves, dead lock saints, mylton,


Sat 20th –  the wainstones, cooler king, Joe solo,


Thursday 25th –  live wire promotions,


Fri 26th – creatures, freeman, high tower temple,


Sat 27th –  Get Hip


Monday – 29th – honey blood !! and support in association with Ripla

December Events

Friday 1st – The Sons Of Bido Lito, TBC, Worry Party, Thin White Line,


Saturday 2nd – Clippah, Lifetime Skiver, Chris Gill,


Thursday 7th – Shoe Cake Comedy xmas special


Friday 8th – Gwalo, Holy Moly and The Crackeress, Leading Zeroes,


Saturday 9th – Dead River Kings, Ashes of Insurrection, Incantus, Armortura (Metal Night)


Sunday 10th – Cutty Bang


Friday 15th – The Pastures, Pink Tide, The Phosphens, Mallura Can


Saturday 16th – Falin Mafia, CSOD, Final Coil


Friday 22nd, Foreign Tides, Thieves of Liberty, Crawling back to god, Kv$hnoodle,


Saturday 23rd – Burn down Disco


Thursday 28th – Daytime Tv,

November Events

£2 to £4 entry depending on event.


Thursday 2nd – Shoe Cake Comedy,


Friday 3rd – Great Waves, Parallax Skies, Mausoleums, Joe Doe Experiment


Saturday 4th – The Anticeptics, Kick Back Generations, Bull, Salsola, Dino Splunge, Alien 8


Sunday 5th – Fireworks


Friday 10th – Tinny Bennett Band, Bible of Beatz, Marie Marx Band


Saturday 11th – Sapien Trace, Many Moons, James Mockett, Singapore Safehouse


Sunday 12th – Cutty Bang


Friday 17th – IMRD, Spreading The Disease, Nation In Ruin, Metal Night


Saturday 18th – Lost On Me, Grasscutter, Strange Folk


Thursday 23rd – Day Time TV Promotions


Friday 24th – Burn Down The Disco


Saturday 25th – Get Hip


Sunday 26th – Cutty bang

October Events

Sunday 1st Chitty bang variety night,
Thursday 5th Shoe cake comedy,
Friday 6th Strange bones, the fury remains, unspoken, krome, the strange folk
Saturday 7th The radio set,electric pyramid, mind scene, without a word, Singapore safehouse
Thursday 12th Film night,
Friday 13th, Charabanc dreams, harwdwick social, kitchy retro,
Saturday 14th The likkor men, larva frog, petals
Sunday 15th Chitty Bang variety night
Friday 20th the Lemontops, dub the poet, tribal city kings
Saturday 21st Semi tone, cutting edge, Michael Hurst, Katie Adamson, Alfie sheard
Thursday 26th Day time tv,
Friday 27th Burn down the disco,
Saturday 28th Rhythum wood shapes, the hollow kings, christian darby
Sunday 29th Chitty Bang variety
Tom Sheldon

September Events at Musiclounge How Good ! ?

Friday 1st- Deep Sleep, Sarah Connolly, Flaccid Cactus



Saturday 2nd – King Mojo Acoustic, The Strawberry Mynde, The Citadels ( Save Our Soldiers night)



Thursday 7th – Shoe Cake Comedy



Friday 8th – Tinny Bennet, Lee Etherington, Steve McCormick, The Bluesics



Saturday – Hobo, Esprit De Corpse, Primitive Painters, Jump The Shark, Sarah Crutwell



Thursday 14th – Film Night



Friday 15th – Pussywillowfury Venus, Mr Bigfoot, Saints of War



Saturday 16th – Bigbambora, Katie Adamson, Matt Dunbar and The Autonomous Collective



Sunday 17th – The Cutty Bang, all talents welcome from any type of art expression !


Thursday 21st – Buskers



Friday 22nd – Paul Longstaff, Chris Sayers Mario Saad (RAP KINGS NIGHT)



Saturday 23rd – Savage, Strangeways, Pink Tide



Thursday 28th – Day Time Television



Friday 29th – Burn Down The Disco



Saturday 30th – Get Hip

August Events

Thursday 3rd – Shoe Cake Comedy


Friday 4th – Toni Sidgwick Music, Chris Pryke, Kieran Rowe


Saturday 5th – Unspoken, Jonathan Honour, Laconia


Sunday 6th – SIRF



Friday 11th – Hivemind, support


Saturday 12th – Sticky Pearls, support



Friday 18th – Mellor, Sarah Connolly, Katie Adamson


Saturday 19th – Northern Soul



Thursday 24th – Buskers


Friday 25th – Screams of Sirens, Plan X


Saturday 26th Burn Down The Disco


Sunday 27th – Reggae Night Jamming



Thursday 31st Day Time Television

July Events

£3 to £4 entry
Saturday 1st – Grasscutter, Strange Folk, Paul had a shark, What we call progress, Cult figure
Thursday 6th – Shoe Cake Comedy (Free)
Friday 7th – Swilly Chill, Little Doves, Giraffes
Saturday 8th – Swiss Extensive, after Party
Friday 14th – The Antiseptics, Buzzards, Alien 8, Nancy
Saturday 15th – (Metal Night), Nation in Ruin, Ill play the villain, Sworn to Secrecy
Thursday 20th – Buskers Open Mic
Friday 21st – Of Allies, Failed To Ignite, Norgaards
Saturday 22nd – Chase City, Nobody s Hero, Foreign Tides, Revolt, Duke Box Party
Thursday 27th – Day Time Television promotions
Friday 28th – Burn Down The Disco
Saturday 29th – Get Hip

June Events

June Events


All events are £3 entry/tickets unless stated otherwise


Thursday 1st – Shoe Cake Comedy club night


Friday 2nd – Wooden Cousin, Astoma, The Van Fevers, Central Parade


Saturday 3rd – Set Your Sights, Nic Wood, Mute Lunatic, Jacob Lynch, Get Hip


Friday 9th – Voice ITV Talent Scouts


Saturday 10th – Pink Tide, The Phosphenes, Flaccid Cactus, Katie Adamson


Thursday 15th – Monthly buskers/open mic


Friday 16th – Alba Nights, Courtyards, Purple Remedy, Horizontal Chains


Saturday 17th – Kickback Generations, Likkor Men, Krome, Spitfire Bullets,


Friday 23rd – Burn Down The Disco


Saturday 24th – Mosaic Sun, Cartel Flux, Perfect Parachute


Thursday 29th – Day Time Television promotions


Friday 30th – Mint, Ten Foot Tom, Charabanc Dreams, Africa Entsha,