March Events

Friday 1st – Sorry Esculator, The Alternatives, The Marble Arches
Saturday 2nd – Lulas, Kv$hnoodle, Supermoon, Carl Eaton, Lucy Delaney
Friday 8th – Mayfare, Misery Bids, Thought Trumpet, Total Stranger
Saturday 9th – Honours, Wild Thorn, Hell Fire Jack
Friday 15th – Odd, Sing Again Syren, Heel Turn
Saturday 16th – Anti Bastard, Killing Shilling, Bastard Face
Friday 22nd – Brucey Ripper Band, Sensible Battery Managment, Sonic Void, Jamie Sample
Saturday 23rd – The Band Disease Control and Prevention, Profondo Rosso, Geoffrey Oilcott
Friday 29th – Haunts, Johny Godwin, Andy Bental, Nick, Lindsay
Saturday 30th – Get Hip !

February Events

Friday 1st – Dying Reign, Desolation, Ashes of Insurrection


Saturday 2nd – Phase, Nothing 2 Heavy, Elbrano


Friday 8th – McCormick Band, Bernica, Carabean Cowboys


Saturday 9th – Frog Man, Stollen Dead Music, Joshua Burrell Music


Friday 15th – Hardwick Social, Deep Blue, Slalom D


Saturday 16th – Ben BateMan, Sons of the city, Joe Conoly, Without a Word


Friday 22nd – The Vellacos, Steam Town, Harry Hailey


Saturday 23rd – Anti Bastards, The Underclass, Decontrol, The Underclass, Anord

January Events

Jan 4th – Angrey Amigo’s, The Coated ambassador, Lazaris, andy x

Jan 5 th – Up and coming

Fri 11th –  Plastic thieves, katie Adamson, stuck fish, Superba

Sat 12th – Klammer, the golden age of nothing, phantom radio


Fri 18th –  lc grey, Arbon music, The Brookes


Sat 19th –  Lost rockets, deadbeat, paradise, no thrills, force fed lies, jack dash


Fri 25th –  Where cloud fire, Hati, Jools Heys


Sat 26th – Get Hip

December Events

Fri 1st The Clarions, Homesteads, Your Graduation,


Friday 7th Boilermaker, Hot Rockets,


Sat 8th Up and Coming


Fri 14th A Dying Regin, Tombe Stone Crow, Souls of Jack Ketch, Colour Clear


Sat 15th The Hangmen, Desolation, Decontrol


Fri 21st Death To Indie, Blissed, Two Wise Guys, Rosen


Sat 22nd, Astoma, Avenue, The Tom Delonge Project, George Bailey, Raising Romlous,


Sunday 23rd Amelia Coburn and supports

November Events

Friday 2nd –  kickback Generations, The Wax Offs, Zero Tollerence


Saturday 3rd – Up and coming, Man Frog and Supports,


Friday 9th – Private,


Saturday 10th – Gathering Sounds


Friday 16th – A day in Helsinki, the lemontops, Independent state of mind,


Saturday 17th – The likkormen, fires of Freya, Esprite de corpse


Friday 23rd  – Desolation, all out attack uk, leopard rays,


Saturday 24th –  Get Hip,


Saturday 30th – Speeder, Velvela, Slack Alices



October Events

Friday – 5th Bugenhagen, Eye Bleach, ARY, Cooler King

Saturday 6th – Kyzer, Up And Coming Teesside,

Friday 12th – Prohibition 1930 Eltro Swing Night, Lizi Rae, Alexys Guitar

Saturday 13th – Incantus, Firepupetts, Magjammer

Friday 19th – Bloomsfield Band, People Are Hell, Joe Mcnamard,

Saturday 20th – Nation In ruin, The Filth Hounds,

Friday 26th – Cooler King, Hadrians Union, Tinny Bennett,

Saturday 27th – The Brucy Ripper Band, Stand Tyne Fire, Julie Grant

Spetmber Events

Saturday 1st – Keep It Real
Friday 7th – 1930,s Eletro Swing night with The Banker DJ and special guests The Mavs, Storm Wright
Saturday  8th – The Colour Clear, Nephilim, Of Justice
Friday 14th – Ten Foot Tom, Too Close For Missiles, Kieran Rowe
Saturday 15th – Flies On You, Mesmer Disciples, Rex Regis
Friday 21st – Riot Heart, Nephilim, Future Heavy
Saturday 22nd – Bugeye, Still Shaking, Aaron James Potter, Marie Marx
Friday 28th – Fret, Future Heavy, Vukovar, Years Of The Bird, Plastiglomerate, Pink Edge
Saturday 29th – Get Hip

August Events

Thursday 2nd – Shoe Cake Comedy
Friday 3rd – Strangeways, Creature, Into The Deep
Saturday 4th – Keep It Real, Dube The Poet – Hip Hop/Rap, FungiFerg – Grime/Rap, Chris Sayer – Rap/Grime, Bible Of Beatz – Rapper/Singer
Friday 10th – Set Your Sights, Heatsink, Air Drawn Dagger, Murdock 22
Saturday 11th – Joe Solo, Sapien Trace, The Artilleries
Friday 17th – The Clarions, Nephilim, Cooler King, Nikk
Saturday 18th – Toni Sidgewick, Katies Adamson, Ian Robinson,
Friday 24th – Nation In Ruin, Kilonova
Saturday 25th – The See No Evils, Oil Birds, Strawberry Mynde, DJ
Friday 31st – No Way and Johnny Severn

July Events

Thursday 5th – Shoe Cake Comedy relaunch big acts ! £5 tickets/entry


Friday 6th – Keep It Real Night, Fungi Ferg,  High Tower Temple, The Otherness


Saturday 7th –  The Vellacos, Komparrison, The Grizwoldz


Friday 13th –  Jazz swing Latin night with Redemption, Holly Rees, Ben Hutchinson, Simon Carter


Saturday 14th – A Dying Reign, Nation In Ruin, Saints Of War, Nephilim


Friday 20th – Head Of Light Entertainment, Heather Story, McCormick Band


Saturday 21st – Honey trap, Dark Sea Blue, Megan Dotchin


Friday 27th – Tinny Bennett, Cutting Edge, Katie Adamson, Jacob Diaz Wright


Saturday 28th – Get Hip

June Events

Friday 1st June – Vito, Perfectparachutepicture, The Sharmalees


Saturday 2nd – Keep It Real Rap, R n B night


Friday 8th – Pink Tide, Silence Fiction, Jonathan Honour


Saturday 9th – The band for disease control and prevention, Weld, Slalom D


Friday 15th – Eigengrau, , Dreams of the sun, Dino Splooge


Saturday 16th – The Dean Newton Trio, Dead Blue, Salsola,


Friday 22nd – Section 20, The Jailhouse Jets


Saturday 23rd – Palma Louca, Whale Hill, Laurens Court


Thursday 28th – Cherry Peesh, Charlea B


Friday 29th – NeVolume 3rd Birthday with The Skapones, The White Negroes, Alistair James Tickets £5 from Seetickets


Saturday 30th – Palm Beach Uk, Noise and the naive, Grass Cutter