November Events

£2 to £4 entry depending on event.


Thursday 2nd – Shoe Cake Comedy,


Friday 3rd – Great Waves, Parallax Skies, Mausoleums, Joe Doe Experiment


Saturday 4th – The Anticeptics, Kick Back Generations, Bull, Salsola, Dino Splunge, Alien 8


Sunday 5th – Fireworks


Friday 10th – Tinny Bennett Band, Bible of Beatz, Marie Marx Band


Saturday 11th – Sapien Trace, Many Moons, James Mockett, Singapore Safehouse


Sunday 12th – Cutty Bang


Friday 17th – IMRD, Spreading The Disease, Nation In Ruin, Metal Night


Saturday 18th – Lost On Me, Grasscutter, Strange Folk


Thursday 23rd – Day Time TV Promotions


Friday 24th – Burn Down The Disco


Saturday 25th – Get Hip


Sunday 26th – Cutty bang