Happy New Year ! January Events

Fri 3rd – Flatline, culloden, vindicter


Sat 4th – Tenfoot tom, support


Fri 10th – 12 past midnight, baltic state, lots of hands


Saturday 11th – Shore brothers, fund raiser for Matthew Chipchase family.


Friday 17th – Coral snake, while under, odins revenge, rose bush


Saturday 18th – The type five, the doubtful bottle, the guilded roses


Friday 24th – The tin, Tchotchke, its complicated


Saturday 25th – Get Hip


Friday 31st -The lulas, the collaborators, countin cooper

December Events

Friday 6th – The lemontops, dark sea blue, ross holly, the faves punk band


Saturday 7th  – Cherry fuzz, Pavillion, Jarpsy


Friday 13th – Emu, riding band, georgia lee, robyn broadrick, ocean floor


Saturday 14th – The skapones, The hot rockets, cyk fish


Friday 20th – Fires of freya, melodic disaster, odins revenge, the six club, frankie reynolds


Saturday 21st – Dirty knickers, jacob diaz Wright

November Events

Sat 2nd  – Mally, mackie, stonefish, kaci and the bread machine


Friday 8th – One million motors, holly jade Christlow, steve McCormick


Saturday 9th – collapse of colour, nephilim, desolation


Friday 15th – Supermoon, the receivers, the underclass,


Saturday 16th – Bones shake, pearl butterflies, holly jade christlow, andy x

Friday 22nd – Marines band, while under, melanie sibthorpe


Saturday 23rd – Kitchy retro, hunter gatherer, mood bay


Friday 29th – Fox catcher, november sierra, shaun wilson


Saturday 30th – Get hip

October Events

Friday 4th – Kites, Mind Set Low, The Five Type

Saturday 5th  – Private Party

Friday 11th – Be Your Leave, Heist 2-11, Ashes of Insurrection

Saturday 12th – Collapse of Colour, Desolation, Swarms Uk

Friday 18th – The Deckchairs, Erica Shanks – Davison, Miln Glendining Band

Saturday 19th – Market Place Band, Marines Band, Elastic Waste

Friday 25th – Legitimate Halloween Party, Royal Elephants, Crazy Peace of Mind, King Tigaro, Endem, E – Mence

Saturday 26th – Eye Bleach, Brass Monkey, Floral Detectives

September Events

Fri 6th – The rhyme molesters, chills myth, precinct phantom, donny, lyrical alliance

Sat 7th – Joe frater, nicholas chapman, kimberly heron

Fri 13th – Geo moon, benji kirkpatrick, the excess, shaun wilson, the underclass

Sat 14th – Private

Friday 20th – Floral train, cosmic circles

Sat 21st – Nation in ruin, stone fish, a night in november

Fri 27th – Void, the magic eye pictures, last of the wonder kids

Sat 28th – Get hip !!

August Events

Fri 2nd – Ghost in the photographs, sam gibson, upprcut


Sat 3rd  – Monique hollands, man frog, rubens


Fri 9th – Floral train, kieran rowe, tired of fighting


Saturday 10th – The strawberry mynde, the hoodnicks, the windom earles


Friday 16th –  Me lost me, pelico acoustic, morris ford


Saturday 17th –  EMU, rain rock band, sapien trace


Friday 23TH –  Soap girls, hangmen, sky rush


Saturday 24th  – Dead poets 86, the alternatives


Friday 30th –  Exit left uk, ruddick, patience


Sat 31st –  Likkor men party with krome

July Events

Fri 5th Holly jade christlow, broken symmetry, glass city, joe tracey,



Sat 6th The faves, man frog,shouting down clouds



Fri 12th Vains, neon waves, matty allenby music


Sat 13th Robbie pick, oliver bratley, raising romlus, the up down, rarebreed



Fri.19th Molly kiss, follow deep, follow the giant, the confines, november sierra



Sat 20th Heartbreak remedy, new terminal boy, Shaun Wilson



Fri 26th Borderline, the eutony, the final clause of tacitus



Sat 27th get hip

June Events

Saturday 1st – No Thrills, The Relitics, Sadistric Slobs
Friday 7th – Cally Billie Gatley, Kieran Close, Endem, Pen & Stu
Saturday 8th – Dreams of sun, USMF, Neon Waves
Friday 14th – Holly Jade Christlow, Market Place Band, Joe Berge, Liam Trewick
Saturday 15th – Em Warnock, Jacob Diaz Wright, Unwired Society, Paul Longstaff
Friday 21st – Charlotte Grayson, The Dead Seat, Nigel Baker, St Austin
Saturday 22nd – Loop Cycle, Alex Kyle, The Spelks
Friday 28th – Hangmen, Ihrsan, Snide Remarks, Broken Symetry
Saturday 29th – Plastic Glass, Mother Fly, Fowl, Darlo

May Events

Friday 3rd – Autumn Red, Hatti, The Tin, Tired of Fighting


Saturday 4th – Dead Wet Things, Daniel Hunt, Melissa Rose


Friday 10th – Ihrsan, Fret, Ballpeen


Saturday 11th – Unspoken, Andy Kilcar, Louis Martin, Steve Williams and The Blues Delux Band


Friday 17th – All Out Attack Uk, Dead Poets 86, Nothing 2 Heavy


Saturday 18th – The Filth, Kickback Generations, Fat Albert


Friday 24th – Collapse Of Colour, Ashes of Insurrection, Incantus


Saturday 25th – Get Hip


Friday 31st – Velvela, Abstract Rapture, G F Bruce Band, Joe Ramsey

April Events

Friday 5th –  The Red Jets, Fires Of Freya, Exit Left



Saturday 6th – Lost State Of DAN / Kyle Cullen / Phil Cox / Callum Atter



Friday 12th – Desolation, Ashes of Insurrection, Nephilim



Saturday 13th –  Lemontops, Tom Delonge Project, Nuisance Valve



Friday 19th – Hot Rockets, Alien 8, Jose Griffin



Saturday 20th –  Stockton Calling



Friday 26th Rap, R n B mixed acts



Saturday 27th –  Desert Clouds, Katie Adamson, George Bailey, Jacob Diaz