November Events

Friday 2nd –  kickback Generations, The Wax Offs, Zero Tollerence


Saturday 3rd – Up and coming, Man Frog and Supports,


Friday 9th – Private,


Saturday 10th – Gathering Sounds


Friday 16th – A day in Helsinki, the lemontops, Independent state of mind,


Saturday 17th – The likkormen, fires of Freya, Esprite de corpse


Friday 23rd  – Desolation, all out attack uk, leopard rays,


Saturday 24th –  Get Hip,


Saturday 30th – Speeder, Velvela, Slack Alices



October Events

Friday – 5th Bugenhagen, Eye Bleach, ARY, Cooler King

Saturday 6th – Kyzer, Up And Coming Teesside,

Friday 12th – Prohibition 1930 Eltro Swing Night, Lizi Rae, Alexys Guitar

Saturday 13th – Incantus, Firepupetts, Magjammer

Friday 19th – Bloomsfield Band, People Are Hell, Joe Mcnamard,

Saturday 20th – Nation In ruin, The Filth Hounds,

Friday 26th – Cooler King, Hadrians Union, Tinny Bennett,

Saturday 27th – The Brucy Ripper Band, Stand Tyne Fire, Julie Grant

Spetmber Events

Saturday 1st – Keep It Real
Friday 7th – 1930,s Eletro Swing night with The Banker DJ and special guests The Mavs, Storm Wright
Saturday  8th – The Colour Clear, Nephilim, Of Justice
Friday 14th – Ten Foot Tom, Too Close For Missiles, Kieran Rowe
Saturday 15th – Flies On You, Mesmer Disciples, Rex Regis
Friday 21st – Riot Heart, Nephilim, Future Heavy
Saturday 22nd – Bugeye, Still Shaking, Aaron James Potter, Marie Marx
Friday 28th – Fret, Future Heavy, Vukovar, Years Of The Bird, Plastiglomerate, Pink Edge
Saturday 29th – Get Hip

August Events

Thursday 2nd – Shoe Cake Comedy
Friday 3rd – Strangeways, Creature, Into The Deep
Saturday 4th – Keep It Real, Dube The Poet – Hip Hop/Rap, FungiFerg – Grime/Rap, Chris Sayer – Rap/Grime, Bible Of Beatz – Rapper/Singer
Friday 10th – Set Your Sights, Heatsink, Air Drawn Dagger, Murdock 22
Saturday 11th – Joe Solo, Sapien Trace, The Artilleries
Friday 17th – The Clarions, Nephilim, Cooler King, Nikk
Saturday 18th – Toni Sidgewick, Katies Adamson, Ian Robinson,
Friday 24th – Nation In Ruin, Kilonova
Saturday 25th – The See No Evils, Oil Birds, Strawberry Mynde, DJ
Friday 31st – No Way and Johnny Severn

July Events

Thursday 5th – Shoe Cake Comedy relaunch big acts ! £5 tickets/entry


Friday 6th – Keep It Real Night, Fungi Ferg,  High Tower Temple, The Otherness


Saturday 7th –  The Vellacos, Komparrison, The Grizwoldz


Friday 13th –  Jazz swing Latin night with Redemption, Holly Rees, Ben Hutchinson, Simon Carter


Saturday 14th – A Dying Reign, Nation In Ruin, Saints Of War, Nephilim


Friday 20th – Head Of Light Entertainment, Heather Story, McCormick Band


Saturday 21st – Honey trap, Dark Sea Blue, Megan Dotchin


Friday 27th – Tinny Bennett, Cutting Edge, Katie Adamson, Jacob Diaz Wright


Saturday 28th – Get Hip

June Events

Friday 1st June – Vito, Perfectparachutepicture, The Sharmalees


Saturday 2nd – Keep It Real Rap, R n B night


Friday 8th – Pink Tide, Silence Fiction, Jonathan Honour


Saturday 9th – The band for disease control and prevention, Weld, Slalom D


Friday 15th – Eigengrau, , Dreams of the sun, Dino Splooge


Saturday 16th – The Dean Newton Trio, Dead Blue, Salsola,


Friday 22nd – Section 20, The Jailhouse Jets


Saturday 23rd – Palma Louca, Whale Hill, Laurens Court


Thursday 28th – Cherry Peesh, Charlea B


Friday 29th – NeVolume 3rd Birthday with The Skapones, The White Negroes, Alistair James Tickets £5 from Seetickets


Saturday 30th – Palm Beach Uk, Noise and the naive, Grass Cutter

April Events

Thursday 5th – Shoe Cake Comedy


Friday 6th – Run The River, Foxcatcher, Eddie And The Valkyries


Saturday 7th – Keep It Real, Jonathan Honor – Acoustic/Indie Lew BYG – Rap/Grime Jamie A – Music Aces & Sinners – Band 90BRO – CyberSoul Skitz – Rap Bible Of Beatz – Rapper/Singer fungiFerg – Grime/Rap


Friday 13th – Space Frogs, The Relitics, Alien 8


Saturday 14th – Bugenhagen, The Face, Chronic Change


Thursday 19th – Jazz Night


Friday 20th – Arkmind, Krome, Largactyl, Kieran Atkin and The Purple Oids


Saturday 21st – Saints of War, Nation In Ruin


Thursday 26th – Phil Cox, David Hammond Music, Salsola


Friday 27th- Sapien Trace, Symbient, Spritfire Bullets, The Citadels


Saturday 28th – The Black Lagoons, Parissa Zarifi, Dale Husband

March Events

March 2018 Thursday 1st – Shoe cake comedy


Friday 2nd – Keep it real with Jonathan Honor – Acoustic/Indie, Lew BYG – Rap/Grime, 90BRO – CyberSoul, Skitz – Rap, Bible Of Beatz – Rapper/Singer, FungiFerg – Grime/Rap


Saturday 3rd – Albany, Stand Alone, Carabiniers


Friday 9th – Soma Crew, Pink Tide, Oilbirds


Saturday 10th – Likkor Men, Kickback Generations & Alien 8


Friday 16th – Hardwick social, Drift, Undecided & Ex Charinbanc Dreams


Saturday 17th – Private Party


Friday 23rd – Dead River Kings, The Filth Hounds, Dino Splooge


Saturday 24th – Get Hip


Wednesday 28th – Private Event


Thursday 29th – Carl James Dunning, Steve McCormick, Alien 8 acoustic


Friday 30th – Ady Johnson, Badger, Witch Tripper


Saturday 31st – Stockton Calling

February Events

Thursday 1st – Shoe Cake Comedy,


Friday 2nd – Keep It Real – Bible Of Beatz – Rapper/Singer Victor Ray – Acoustic Singer FungiFerg – Rap/Grime DH – Grime


Saturday 3rd – Dog Years, David Rickaby, Nick


Friday 9th – Indigo Vertebrae, Skyran, The Auld Suitcase


Saturday 10th – Singapore Safe House, Bleeding Tooth, Perceptions


Friday 16th – Prelude, Victor Ray, Charlie Mckee


Saturday 17th – Photo Idiot, Dark Sky Park, Itch the king blues band, Electric Sheep


Thursday 22nd – Nephilim, A Dying Reign, Tbc


Friday 23rd – Clippah, Evil Eye, Katie Adamson, Max Bianco


Saturday 24th – The Grizwoldz, Lee Etherington, The Jackals

January Events

Friday 5th –  rap mixed styles, bibble beatz, led leddie mc, fungi ferg,pete henry, DJ set,


Sat 6th – giraffes, relign, raising romulus


Friday 12th – tooth, jake hope, no xcuse, roundel,


Sat 13th – cornerstone, nation In ruin, vulgar dissection,


Thursday 18th – cutty bang,


Friday 19th – plastic thieves, dead lock saints, mylton,


Sat 20th –  the wainstones, cooler king, Joe solo,


Thursday 25th –  live wire promotions,


Fri 26th – creatures, freeman, high tower temple,


Sat 27th –  Get Hip


Monday – 29th – honey blood !! and support in association with Ripla