September Events at Musiclounge How Good ! ?

Friday 1st- Deep Sleep, Sarah Connolly, Flaccid Cactus



Saturday 2nd – King Mojo Acoustic, The Strawberry Mynde, The Citadels ( Save Our Soldiers night)



Thursday 7th – Shoe Cake Comedy



Friday 8th – Tinny Bennet, Lee Etherington, Steve McCormick, The Bluesics



Saturday – Hobo, Esprit De Corpse, Primitive Painters, Jump The Shark, Sarah Crutwell



Thursday 14th – Film Night



Friday 15th – Pussywillowfury Venus, Mr Bigfoot, Saints of War



Saturday 16th – Bigbambora, Katie Adamson, Matt Dunbar and The Autonomous Collective



Sunday 17th – The Cutty Bang, all talents welcome from any type of art expression !


Thursday 21st – Buskers



Friday 22nd – Paul Longstaff, Chris Sayers Mario Saad (RAP KINGS NIGHT)



Saturday 23rd – Savage, Strangeways, Pink Tide



Thursday 28th – Day Time Television



Friday 29th – Burn Down The Disco



Saturday 30th – Get Hip

August Events

Thursday 3rd – Shoe Cake Comedy


Friday 4th – Toni Sidgwick Music, Chris Pryke, Kieran Rowe


Saturday 5th – Unspoken, Jonathan Honour, Laconia


Sunday 6th – SIRF



Friday 11th – Hivemind, support


Saturday 12th – Sticky Pearls, support



Friday 18th – Mellor, Sarah Connolly, Katie Adamson


Saturday 19th – Northern Soul



Thursday 24th – Buskers


Friday 25th – Screams of Sirens, Plan X


Saturday 26th Burn Down The Disco


Sunday 27th – Reggae Night Jamming



Thursday 31st Day Time Television

July Events

£3 to £4 entry
Saturday 1st – Grasscutter, Strange Folk, Paul had a shark, What we call progress, Cult figure
Thursday 6th – Shoe Cake Comedy (Free)
Friday 7th – Swilly Chill, Little Doves, Giraffes
Saturday 8th – Swiss Extensive, after Party
Friday 14th – The Antiseptics, Buzzards, Alien 8, Nancy
Saturday 15th – (Metal Night), Nation in Ruin, Ill play the villain, Sworn to Secrecy
Thursday 20th – Buskers Open Mic
Friday 21st – Of Allies, Failed To Ignite, Norgaards
Saturday 22nd – Chase City, Nobody s Hero, Foreign Tides, Revolt, Duke Box Party
Thursday 27th – Day Time Television promotions
Friday 28th – Burn Down The Disco
Saturday 29th – Get Hip

June Events

June Events


All events are £3 entry/tickets unless stated otherwise


Thursday 1st – Shoe Cake Comedy club night


Friday 2nd – Wooden Cousin, Astoma, The Van Fevers, Central Parade


Saturday 3rd – Set Your Sights, Nic Wood, Mute Lunatic, Jacob Lynch, Get Hip


Friday 9th – Voice ITV Talent Scouts


Saturday 10th – Pink Tide, The Phosphenes, Flaccid Cactus, Katie Adamson


Thursday 15th – Monthly buskers/open mic


Friday 16th – Alba Nights, Courtyards, Purple Remedy, Horizontal Chains


Saturday 17th – Kickback Generations, Likkor Men, Krome, Spitfire Bullets,


Friday 23rd – Burn Down The Disco


Saturday 24th – Mosaic Sun, Cartel Flux, Perfect Parachute


Thursday 29th – Day Time Television promotions


Friday 30th – Mint, Ten Foot Tom, Charabanc Dreams, Africa Entsha,